Monday, 25 October 2010

Choices in life

A story was told to me.... it is a true story happened in Vietnam. An army boy called home one day to his mother.

"Hey Mummy,I have a favour to ask from you." said the army boy.
"What is it my son?" replied the mother.
"One of my army mate had lost his leg during his training. He does not have any family or relatives. Can I send him home and you help to take care of him?" The army boy pleaded.

The mother paused for a while and said the following.

"Well my son, you know there are many issues to consider by fetching your friend home. I suggest if you are fine, then it is alright and please come back home. As for your friend... ermm.."

"Alright Mummy, I get what you meant and that's all. I got to go for training. Thank you!" replied the army boy and put down the phone.

After the last call from the army boy, he did not return home and the mother did not get to see her son again.

A question was asked - Why didn't the army boy return home?

The answer was that the friend whom the army boy mentioned was himself. He had lost his leg during to training and called back to check with the mother on her reaction. However, after hearing what his mother had to say, he decided to commit suicide and not return home. To him, if he returns, he will be a burden to his mother.

After listening to the story, I felt sad. However, I have 2 perspectives on this story.

1) Will the story change if the army boy had told her mother that he had lost his leg instead of his friend? How big would the heart of the mother will be to accept a handicapped child?

Given to the living conditions in Vietnam, perhaps the army boy's family was poor and if the family has to support a handicapped person, it will seriously add on to the burden.

If you are the mother, what would you do?

2) In life, we have to be ready to face different situation, circumstances that is happening. How ready are we?

My immediate response to the story is that if I am the mother, I will say yes to accept his friend. However, did I consider the burdens, hardship, difficulties I have to face? The truth is no. If I were to pause for a moment and think it through, what would be my answer still? It is a hard choice to decide.

One part of me will say YES as we should care for one another and help out if we can. However on the other side, if this person will add on to the family burden, is it still the right choice to take him in and suffer together?

Another argument will comes in stating that should we abandon the person if we already knows the plight? Will it really burden the family if the family has to feed one more mouth?

If we reject to accept the person, the person might starve to death. A life will be lost. But if we could take him in, we would save a life and he might have a chance to move on and create a new life again.

What will you do........

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~eRiC~ said...

if i were the mom, i would take the person back, there's nothing more important than a life... putting yourself into the injured friend's shoes, would you really hope for a Samaritan come to rescue you? To me, i think the mother is selfish, perhaps as consequences she has lost her son in the end.